GE Math & Enrollment Categories

As a Humboldt student, you need to take one of four GE courses. But which should you take? That depends on your readiness to take GE math at a university level.

Enrollment Categories

All incoming students are assigned a math enrollment category, which is based on your test scores, high school GPA, and high school coursework. Your category determines the math classes you can or should take.

Category 1 - GE math fulfilled

Students are done with their Area B GE courses and should check with their academic advisor whether they are required to take more Mathematics for their major.

Find out which GE Math course to take.

Note: STEM students are encouraged to take a Placement Test (ALEKS).

Category 2 - GE math ready

Students are ready for an Area B GE appropriate for their major.

Find out which GE Math course to take.

Note: STEM students are encouraged to take a Placement Test (ALEKS).

Category 3 - GE math ready with support

Students are generally advised to choose between regular and supported GE courses. Students will be able to access a directed-self placement (DSP) through their Orientation Registration Tutorial. DSP helps students reflect on their confidence in Mathematics, as well as their study and time management skills to determine which course is more appropriate for them. Students in the STEM place-based learning communities will be placed into the supported courses to ensure success. Students who take the regular GE version of MATH 101 College Algebra or STAT 108 Elementary Statics are strongly encouraged to add the corresponding Supplemental Instruction (SI) courses.

Find out which GE Math course to take.

Note: Integrated support courses required, Early Start program recommended.

Category 4 - GE math ready with support, Early Start required

Students are required to take integrated supported GE courses and the Early Start program.

Find out which GE Math course to take.

Which Courses Should You Take?

Requirements by Major

Integrated Support Courses

Categories 3 and 4 - Required

These GE Math courses are designed to give students additional support:

  • MATH 101i College Algebra with Integrated Support + MATH 1
  • MATH 103i Mathematics as a Liberal Art with Integrated Support + MATH 3
  • MATH 104i Finite Mathematics with Integrated Support + MATH 4
  • STAT 108i Elementary Statistics with Integrated Support + STAT 8

Courses meet five days a week and are 3 baccalaureate units, plus another 1 pre-baccalaureate unit. This additional unit doesn't count toward your degree but it does count toward university and financial aid unit caps.

Early Start

Categories 3 (recommended) and 4 (required)

Early Start is a summer transition program that helps you improve your math skills before the beginning of the fall term. That way, you’re more prepared by the time you get to Humboldt, saving you a lot of time and money. Students can complete their Early Start requirement through any CSU campus.

Ready for Calculus?

Categories 1 and 2

Freshmen and transfer students who have studied pre-calculus coursework and who have not taken Humboldt MATH 102 and might be ready for calculus by passing the ALEKS Placement, Preparation, and Learning (ALEKS PPL) assessment.

Passing the ALEKS PPL makes you eligible for calculus (MATH 105 or MATH 109). Your score can also be used to determine eligibility for MATH 101T (Trigonometry) and STAT 109 (Biostatistics).

Do you have questions?

If you need help finding your category or deciding which classes to take, contact Mark Rizzardi, Math Department Chair.