Info for Advisors

All incoming students are assigned to a math enrollment category, as described in the GE Math & Enrollment Category page. The course a student takes depends on their Enrollment Category and their major. Students can find the courses appropriate for their major on the GE Math Requirements by Major page. 

Category 4 students are required to take a course with integrated support and its corresponding support course. Integrated support course numbers end in with a "i". Together these courses provide 5 hours of instruction per week that covers the regular GE Math course content and provides support with prerequisite math material as needed. 

Category 3 students may take either a supported or non-supported entry level course appropriate for their major. 

Category 2 and Category 1 students are ready to take any entry level math course, but may be able to place into higher math courses using their high school coursework. It is especially important for STEAM majors to avoid taking unnecessary math courses with proper placement.

Image showing math courses by placement category

*** Note: MATH 102 Precalculus is a single 4 unit course which covers the essential material from both MATH 101 College Algebra and MATH 101T Trigonometry.