Future STEM-Teacher Scholars Program

The Mathematics and Science Teachers Initiative (MSTI)

Future STEM-Teacher Scholars Program; 2016-2017   EXTENDED DEADLINE


Undergraduate Junior or Senior STEM major preparing for a single subjects credential program in Science or Math, or Undergraduate Junior or Senior LSEE Major with a depth of study in Science or Math preparing for a multiple subjects credential program.


$1,000 Scholarship (up to 2 years at the undergraduate level)

Where appropriate, additional support is available for the following activities:

            Preparation for CSET tests in Science or Math

            Registration and/or travel to conferences for science or math educators

            Participation in educational programs at the Natural History museum

            Participation in campus-based or school-based educational program (e.g., tutoring)

            Participation in the PEERS program


            Attend one scholars meeting during each semester

            Attend one local or regional conference or event on teaching and/or science and/or math

            Participate in at least one math or science educational program (e.g. tutoring, public event) 


Send an email with your full name, HSU student number, telephone number, and local address to Professor Dale Oliver at dale.oliver@humboldt.edu. New applications must include the following:

The names and contact information for your academic advisor and one additional reference; 

            A < 600-word essay on why you want to become a STEM teacher; 

            A < 600-word essay on how you are preparing for a credential program.


Applications for the 2016-17 Academic year scholarship are due on

Monday, OCTOBER 3, 2016 by 5 PM.

Decisions will be made by FRIDAY, October  7.