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Through a rigorous yet flexible curriculum, students learn to conceptualize problems and explore the art and beauty of rational reasoning and discourse.

In addition to learning basic mathematical theories, students apply abstract concepts to the real world, such as managing financial portfolios, studying migrations of endangered species, and predicting urban traffic flows. Students also explore the discipline of mathematics, including the historical development of mathematical and statistical areas and the roles and responsibilities of mathematicians in our society.

Core courses include calculus, computer programming, number theory, geometry, statistics, and history of mathematics.

Degree Programs

B.A. in Mathematics

Also known as “pure math,” prepares students with competence in and fundamental understanding of the discipline of mathematics and fluency in the mathematical language.

Pre-Requisite Chart - Math 101 path
Pre-Requisite Chart - Calculus Ready path

B.A. in Mathematics with a concentration in 
Applied Mathematics

This concentration provides a theoretical foundation and skills necessary to apply mathematics or mathematical computing to environmental sciences such as geology, oceanography, wildlife management, and zoology.

Pre-Requisite Chart - Applied Math - Math 101 Path
Pre-Requisite Chart - Applied Math - Calculus Ready Path

B.A. in Mathematics with a concentration in 
Mathematics Education

This concentration leads to a single-subject teaching credential and prepares students to teach math in junior high and high schools. Math Education majors become subject-matter qualified because of our curriculum and, as a result, can waive the California Subject Examinations for Teachers, which is a requirement for a single-subject teaching credential.

Pre-Requisite Chart - Math Education - Math 101 Path
Pre-Requisite Chart - Math Education - Calculus Ready Path


Minors in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics are created on an individual basis between the student and the department chair. The Applied Statistics minor provides broad statistical knowledge and skills to research and how to manage problems in a wide variety of disciplines. The introductory, intermediate, and topics courses include computer laboratory sessions where students learn to use statistical software.


There are a variety of scholarships available to both current HSU students and new Freshman or transfer students. 

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Major Academic Plans

Major Academic Plans or MAPs show what courses to take each semester to meet your major's requirements. 

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Student Learning Outcomes

After graduating from this program you will have learned the following things:

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