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Through a rigorous yet flexible curriculum, students learn to conceptualize problems and explore the art and beauty of rational reasoning and discourse.

Mathematics students at Cal Poly Humboldt find an active and supportive atmosphere that provides preparation for mathematics-related careers and mentorship for graduate studies. The department offers a variety of scholarships, need-based and merit-based, for mathematics majors at every level and including transfer students. Students have access to several campus computer labs including one dedicated to mathematical applications. 

Courses in calculus, linear algebra, differential equations, computer programming, analysis and statistics comprise the program’s core. Cal Poly Humboldt offers several computer laboratories with a variety of computers, including mainframe, mini, and microcomputers.

Degree Programs

B.A. in Mathematics

Also known as “pure math,” prepares students with competence in and fundamental understanding of the discipline of mathematics and fluency in the mathematical language.

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Minors in Mathematics are created on an individual basis between the student and the department chair. The Applied Statistics minor provides broad statistical knowledge and skills to research and how to manage problems in a wide variety of disciplines. The introductory, intermediate, and topics courses include computer laboratory sessions where students learn to use statistical software.

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There are a variety of scholarships available to both current Humboldt students and new Freshman or transfer students. 

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Student Learning Outcomes

After graduating from this program you will have learned the following things:

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Mathematics majors may enter the workforce in a wide variety of positions. Potential careers include: 

  • mathematics consultant
  • statistician
  • computer programmer
  • actuary
  • mathematician
  • systems analyst
  • statistics methods analyst
  • financial investment analyst
  • economic analyst
  • teacher
  • demographer