Alumni Updates

Damien Adams, 2010
Submitted: March 3, 2017
Damien Adams, 2010 Mathematics, earned a master’s degree in Mathematics from San Jose State University and acquired a full-time teaching position at Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz, Calif. Adams has also started a podcast, Women in Math: The Limit Does Not Exist promoting women in mathematics, and founded the college’s Math Club.

Kevin Orris, 1998
Submitted: October 31, 2013
Kevin Orris, 1998, mathematics, first went to Humboldt in 1984 as a Wildlife Management major, at which time he met his wife Bonnie. He returned to Humboldt in the mid ’90s and received a degree in Mathematics and his teaching credential. He has been teaching math at Golden Sierra High School for the last 12 years. He loves every minute and is very proud that he has encouraged several students to attend Humboldt.